Slitters and rewinders with full of potentials

Utilizing the technologies and knowledge as a comprehensive manufacturer of slitters and rewinders, we undertake the development and manufacture of custom-made specialized machines under an integrated system.

Customized Specialist

We offer original specialized machines from various viewpoints such as the shape and characteristics of materials, as well as the size of the factory and safety. We also match customer's requests such as adding coating and laminating functions to slitters and incorporating inspection equipment made by other companies.

Compatible Specifications

  • Food packaging materials

    Food packaging materials

  • Adhesive tapes

    Adhesive tapes

  • Wrap films

    Wrap films

  • Non-woven fabric

    Non-woven fabric

  • Tablet terminals

    Tablet terminals
    (optical films, electronic boards, lithium-ion batteries, etc.)

  • Solar power generation system

    Solar power generation system
    (back sheets, etc.)

  • Electric vehicles

    Electric vehicles
    (lithium-ion batteries, etc.)

  • Electronic components

    Electronic components
    (printed electronics boards, etc.)

Compatible Specifications

Material to be cutPaper, film, composite film, metal foil, non-woven fabric, glass fiber, fabric
Raw material width100mm - 5000mm
Slit widthFrom 5mm
Maximum winding diameter1300mm
Examples of adding functionsRollback processing, end slit processing of rolled products, coating processing, laminating processing, printing processing, holes processing, inspection process, etc.

Permanently Installed Test Machine

At the head office factory in Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture, we have set our main product of the slitter test machine. It can evaluate and test the slit quality and winding quality using the actual materials that the customers require to slit, such as paper, film, and metal foil.

FAQ for Manufacturing Specialized Machine

Is it possible to have a consultation about VA existing machines?
Yes. We will ask your current processing method and requests, and propose a suitable plan. Please feel free to contact us first.
Are drawings required?
We undertake our own integrated system from development design to manufacturing, installation and after-sales maintenance. Please contact us if you do not have a drawing.
Is it possible to join the factory tour?
Yes. First, please contact us for your requests.
Can you make a machine for factories overseas?
We will take responsibility not only for domestic customers but also for overseas customers.
What is the delivery time for a specialized machine?
It depends on the specifications, although if it is a single machine, the production lead-time will be about 6 to 8 months from formal request to installation.

Please contact us for any inquiries and quotes of slitters and rewinders.

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