Impeccable Technology for cutting and winding

Toshin has a long history as a comprehensive manufacturer of slitters and rewinders.
We are proud of ourselves for our many years of achievement with our products. Customers use them in a wide range of fields such as food, daily necessities and digital devices.
However, our challenge to manufacturing never ends. We continuously aim to be the best manufacturer and strive to continuously improve.
Believe that challenge is the energy for opening up the future.



Established in 1950

Started as a manufacturing factory for pearl accessory processing machines.

Toshin's history dates back to 1950, when founder, Kazuo Sanami opened a factory in Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture, to manufacture pearl accessory processing machines and to repair various machines. Mr. Sanami, who was a skillful engineer, soon began to aspire to make his own products. In 1955, he started manufacturing slitters with consultation from a local chemical company. Through trial and error, we built up the quality of our products and the foundation for Toshin today.

Unsung Heroes

Pursuing manufacturing slitters for various materials.

Slitters are industrial machines used in the manufacturing process of various products such as food packaging materials, adhesive tapes, and electronic components. We do not usually see them; however, they are like "Unsung heroes". Toshin specializes in slitters it has acquired technical capabilities with responsiveness to fulfill customer needs. It is no exaggeration to say that our growth has accompanied the progress of slitters.

To a New Stage

Strengthened development capabilities and released the unique high-precision winding shafts.

As our customers' manufacturing partner, we continuously challenge the permanent tasks required of industrial machines such as quality and cost performance. We are also enthusiastically engaged in research and development with an eye on future businesses. One of the results is the "TAF" friction shaft (winding shaft) that has a unique modular structure. This "TAF" dramatically improved the quality of slitters, and became synonymous with Toshin.

With Customers

Applying the technologies and knowledge to a wider range of fields.

Slitters, which "cut and wind" different materials can help a lot, more than you think. If you wish to create more comfortable and convenient lives for people, please ask us. We will continue to take on challenges and evolving, with the aim of utilizing Toshin's technology in various fields.

Products Where Our Machines Are Used

Slitters and rewinders are industrial machines used in factories that make products familiar to your everyday life.

  • Food packaging materials

    Food packaging materials

  • Adhesive tapes

    Adhesive tapes

  • Wrap films

    Wrap films

  • Non-woven fabric

    Non-woven fabric

  • Tablet terminals

    Tablet terminals
    (optical films, electronic boards, lithium-ion batteries, etc.)

  • Solar power generation system

    Solar power generation system
    (back sheets, etc.)

  • Electric vehicles

    Electric vehicles
    (lithium-ion batteries, etc.)

  • Electronic components

    Electronic components
    (printed electronics boards, etc.)

ADVANTAGEToshin's Advantages

  • 01

    In-house Integrated Manufacturing

    We participate in the customer's projects from concept, development design, manufacturing, installation and after-sales follow-up, all at once. As a result, we are able to provide high value-added products and services to customers.

  • 02

    Technical Capabilities

    Toshin has its own technologies cultivated over many years as a specialized manufacturer of slitters. We are never satisfied as we are. To supply better products from the customer's perspective, our challenges will continue.

  • 03

    Development Capabilities

    We have cultivated development capabilities while satisfying a wide variety of customer orders, such as improving factory efficiency, automation, and productivity. Taking advantage of our experiences, we are keeping an eye to be one-step ahead of the times.


Complete Machine Manufacturer

One of the most distinctive features of our company is that we are the "complete a machine manufacturer" of slitters. We do not just make specific parts, but all production activities until a machine is completed. We are very proud to create products with all departments working together.

Each Machine is to Our Customer's Specification

You cannot define "slitter" in one word since there are various specifications according to the material wound, cutting width and post-process, etc. Therefore, machines we manufacture are all different and unique. We aim to meet our customers' needs at a high level.

90% Market Share in some fields

We make slitters and rewinders used in the production sites of familiar products such as food, apparel, and digital devices. In some fields, we boast a 90% domestic market share. We take pride in this as a proof we have earned the trust through many years of responding to a wide variety of needs.

Factory Tour

We hold factory tours (reservation required). You can get to know about Toshin's manufacturing closely. More than 1,000 people visit our factory every year, from customers using our products, corporate trainees to local elementary school students.

Test Machine

At the head office factory in Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture, we have set our main product of the slitter test machine. It can evaluate and test the slit quality and winding quality using the actual materials that the customers require to slit, such as paper, film, and metal foil.

Kaizen Activity

Kaizen activities, in which employees independently share their ideas and devise ways to solve various problems that occur at production sites, are supporting Toshin's manufacturing. A reward is be paid to "Kaizen" that has contributed to the improvement of quality, productivity and or safety.

Manufacturing Dojo

At the head office factory, there is a technology training facility called "Manufacturing Dojo" where employees voluntarily learn machining and assembly techniques. This features the similar work environment to the one in the factory, and veterans with qualifications provide guidance to young employees, handing down their skills.

Environmental Improvement

We place great importance on improving the environment of the company, as it is both a place to work and a place to welcome customers. Every morning, after the morning assembly, everyone cleans their work place for 30 minutes. This 30-minute cleaning contributes to build a good work environment.

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