Information on Overhaul

We highly recommend overhaul (disassembly and repair) in order to maintain production life in good condition.
Also, please contact us for any problems such as "the operating rate does not increase".

Estimated Overhaul Timing

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Replacement ContentsTarget MachinesReplacing Timing
AF-4 friction disassembly / cleaningSlittersAfter 1500 hours of usage
Bearing type friction disassembly / cleaningSlittersAfter 3000 hours of usage
Driving belt replacementAll models except EW / SCKApprox. after 1 year of usage
Wheel for film length detection encoder replacementAll models except EW / SCKAfter 1 year of usage (recommended)
Powder clutch replacementAll models except EW / SCKApprox. after 10 year of usage
Powder brake replacementAll models except EW / SCKApprox. after 10 year of usage
Inverter replacementAll models except EW / SCKApprox. after 5 year of usage
Bearing (shaft, roll, etc.) replacementAll models except EW / SCKApprox. after 10 year of usage
Tension controller replacementAll models except EW / SCKApprox. after 5 year of usage
AF-4 friction inspection
1. Check the regulator or membrane dryer
2. Check the appearance or air leakage check
Slitters300 hours of winding shaft rotation

Sequencer Battery Replacement

Since the sequencer backs up various data, we recommend the regular replacement of the sequencer batteries. Our products can be used for long periods in good condition.
* Data may be lost if there is no backup.

Data lost due to battery abnormality

・ Programs that are not ROM
・ Setting data for models using touch panels (operating conditions for each product type, winding length settings, etc.)

Target Models

Models that installed for more than 10 years

Information on Discontinued Electrical Components

Information on Discontinued Electrical Components The electrical components in the list below used for our slitters are no longer available for repair due to the end of production by the manufacturers. For models operating on our production machines, we have prepared alternative parts that can maintain the current performance. However, for some sequencers and vector inverters of system products, they may require delivery time by replacing the program software and reviewing the system. Some failures cannot be fixed. We recommend that you plan an overhaul and take measures as soon as possible.

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PartsModelsManufacturersApplicable machines* Year of manufactured
Vector inverterFRN***VG3N seriesFuji ElectricKWZ, CFR, DVR, DGRBefore 2000
Vector inverterFRN***VG5N seriesFuji ElectricKWZ, DVR, SNR, LSNBefore 2003
Vector inverterFRN***VG7S seriesFuji ElectricKWZ, DVR, SNR, LSN, LVRBefore 2017
AC servomotorMR-J2, J3 seriesMitsubishi ElectricSNR, LSRBefore 2017
AC servomotorBEBOP seriesShinko ElectricCFR, QWR, LSNBefore 2003
AC servomotorSGDA、SGDB seriesYaskawa ElectricQWR, LSN, SlicerBefore 2003
AC servomotorFRH、FRV seriesFuji ElectricLSA, SSRBefore 1996
AC servomotorFALDIC-α seriesFuji ElectricCF, CFSRBefore 2017
Servo system Digital ES seriesDES***Fuji ElectricSNR, LSR, KWZBefore 2017
Servo system Digital ES seriesRYE***DFuji ElectricSNR, LSRBefore 2017
AC servomotorVLST-***P3VBS seriesToeiSNR, LSRBefore 2003
DC servomotorAll modelsAll manufacturersCFR, DXBefore 1998
General-purpose invertorFR-A720 seriesMitsubishi ElectricSNR, LSRBefore 2017
General-purpose invertorVS616G3 seriesYaskawa ElectricSNRBefore 2002
General-purpose invertorVS616G5 seriesYaskawa ElectricSNR, DVR, LSNBefore 2003
General-purpose invertorFVR-***G7S seriesFuji ElectricSNR, LSNBefore 1995
General-purpose invertorFVR-***G9S seriesFuji ElectricSNR, LSN, QWRBefore 2004
General-purpose invertorVF-A7, VF-AS1 seriesToshibaSNR, LSRBefore 2017
SequencerF seriesMitsubishi ElectricSNR, SVRBefore 1996
SequencerFX2N seriesMitsubishi ElectricSNR, KWZBefore 2017
SequencerA seriesMitsubishi ElectricDVR, SAR, DGRBefore 2006
SequencerF70, 120, 250 seriesFuji ElectricCFR, KWZBefore 2017
SequencerMX seriesAzbil (former Yamatake)LSABefore 1996
Machine controllerCP9200SHYaskawa ElectricKWZBefore 1999
Touch panelUD40, UG, V8 seriesFuji ElectricKWZ, CFR, SSRBefore 2017
Touch panelMT450, VT1, VT2 seriesKeyenceSNR, LSNBefore 2017
Touch panelST100Azbil (former Yamatake)LSABefore 1996
Tension controllerESP-TSEiko SokkiSNRBefore 1995
Tension controllerESP-V, ESP-V-WEiko SokkiKWRBefore 1993
Tension controllerLE-MCMitsubishi ElectricLSABefore 1998
Tension controllerLD-FBMitsubishi ElectricCPNBefore 1999
Power AmplifierLE-P38AMitsubishi ElectricSNR, TNR, SSRBefore 2003
CounterAMEC seriesKyodo ElectricCFR, SSRBefore 2003
CounterH7BR seriesOmronKWZBefore 2007
CounterH7AN seriesOmronSSRBefore 2005
Electromagnetic counterFA422CHengstlerSWR, SNRBefore 2003
Powder clutchZKB-**CMMitsubishi ElectricKWRBefore 2000
Tension controllerTA-100PSinfonia TechnologyKWZBefore 2020
Tension sensorRD-50***Sinfonia TechnologyKWZBefore 2020
Sequencer battery
F70, 120, 250 series
FTB030AFuji ElectricKWZBefore 2017

Please contact us for any inquiries and quotes of slitters and rewinders.

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