TNRStandard slitter emphasizing space saving and operatability

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Adopted the air-pressurized single lay-on roller and expanded the maximum rewind diameter to 460 mm.
This makes it possible to wind up at high speed.
Also, improved cost performance and adopted optional functions of the conventional model as standard.


Basic specifications

Compatible web materialsSingle layer and laminated film

Web width

Roller length1,300mm
Unwinding diameterΦ650mm
Winding diameterΦ460mm
Web weight500kg
CoreInner diameter 3 "cardboard core
Machine speed


WeightApprox. 3.3t
Electric capacity200/220V, 50/60Hz, 13KVA, NFB capacity: 50A
Air source

0.5MPa, 150NL/min (dry air)

Slit method•Razor cut
•Shear cut (optional)

Minimum slit width

76mm (optional: 50mm)
Installation space3,700mm(W) ×1,700mm(L) ×1,800mm(H)
* Including a selvage winder


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