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Basic specifications

Compatible web materialsSingle layer and laminated film

Web width

Roller length1,300mm
Unwinding diameterΦ800mm(Φ1,000mm)
Winding diameterΦ600mm
Web weight500kg
CoreInner diameter 3 "cardboard core
Machine speed400m/min
TensionUnwind 50N-250N / whole width
Rewind 30N~170N/m
WeightApprox. 5.5t
Electric capacity200/220V, 50/60Hz, 16KVA
Air source0.5MPa, 150NL/min (dry air)
Slit method•Razor cut
•Shear cut (optional)
Minimum slit width76mm (optional: 50mm)
Installation space4,530mm(W) ×2,800mm(L) ×1,850mm(H)
* Including a selvage winder



•Shear cutter
•E-cut holder
•Unwind 6" chuck
•Fine adjustment razor holder
•Expander roller
•Joint checker (seam detection device)
•Cleaner roller
•Rotating razor holder (attachment)

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